Thursday, 6 October 2011


The person who has the greatest influence in me is none other than my adorable, beloved father. He was Abdullah Bin Hj. Abdul Jabbar. He had passed away seventeen years ago. If he were still around he might be seventy seven years old now.

He is not only my best friend and my idol but also my favourite father ever.

There are many reasons why he was so well liked by me. First of all, he was always so kind, thoughtful and generous. He continually listened to our ideas and thoughts.  At the end of the session, he would clarify clearly the pros and cons of our opinions and views and he would clearly say the Al Quran Verses that related to the issues discussed. The way he related and clarified things make it easy for us to understand and usually managed to help us in making a better decision. He always shared with us the prophetical stories regarding the issues discussed.

I really appreciated the moment we shared together even though to me it was the shortest time ever, because I am the youngest sibling thus when I was about to be a teenager he was already in his sixties. He was a special man. Some of my neighbours called him Pak Imam. Some other villagers called Pak Lah. Others called Pak Dollah, The closer relatives called Pak Talib, but to me he is my beloved and adorable father ever. He inspired me whenever I am lack in confident.

He did not talk much but smile and always folded  his tobacco leaves carefully so that they would  not tear and he spreaded the dried tobacco in the two dried tobacco leaves nicely. The way he folded  his tobacco cigarette foreshadows his wisdom and compassionate. He smokes especially in his leisure hours, to find the inspiration to share  beneficial stories with us.

I still remember that breakfast will end until lunch hours because all of us immersed in his prophetical educational stories. My mum also would also be joining  us and later when she realized that we have not prepared lunch, she will act as if we were at fault. After lunch hours we will continue listening to his stories. He was the best story teller ever. I had never listened to good stories after my father passed away. I met two doctors whom came from Indonesia, visiting us purposely to listen to  his myth and prophetical stories. They stayed with us for three days.

He had a widespread knowledge as he was a sailor when he was fifteen years old. He speaks English and Arabic. He teaches Al-Quran reciting to the old folks and the teenagers. Most of them really like learning with him because he translated the verses into Malay. He speaks Javanese only when he meets the Javanese. He never speaks Java as my mum could not speak it. So all of us his children did not have the chance to listen to it. In other words we could not speak java.

His knowledge on history was adorable .He spoke Burmese and Siamese too. He stayed there when his ship stucked in Burma or now known as Myammar for more than half a year due to ship wrecked and he really well-versed in these two languages.

He had many friends of all categories businessmen, politicians, villagers etc. They came to our wooden house in big and modern cars. They always seek his advices in making a wiser and better decision. He really portrayed a decent typical Malay man moreover with his tanned skin and thick neat eyebrows that clearly showed us that he is a thinkable person meanwhile his sharp   pointed nose and straight thick black hair portrayed that he is honest and humble.

His hard work and perseverance made him a calm and adorable person. To me he is a fabulous father because he managed to educate the nine of us to be a respected people. He inspired me to be a better person and of course given a better impact to my life. I really hope that I can pass on the same qualities on to my kids, if I ever had, my nephews and nieces or if I had the chance at least to the future generation.

Thursday, 29 September 2011


1 Malaysia is a concept to faster unity among Malaysians of different races based on several important values which should be the practice of every Malaysians.

In other words a Malaysia founded as a formula that will help ensure the national aspirations, the vision 2020 achieved if it is people into heart and practiced by all levels of society.  1 Malaysia is a continuation of an agenda of developing countries to achieve progress for the country. People need to be developed in advance, and it should be started with the attitude of acceptance among people, which led to the strong unity, when unity is achieved, the business development of the country will run more smoothly.

Unity already formed the main thrust in the direction of the country towards excellent dated back to independence, 1 Malaysia seeks to ignite the spirit of unity and brotherhood among the people of Malaysia.

Respecting different races including respecting their custom and beliefs, respect also requires us not to issue harsh words about the other races and not questions the law that affect the sensitivity of people. Humble with other, a moderate approach in all aspect arising. Polite speech and behavior is the order and is centered modestly in all interaction and relationships with others to generate cooperation and closer collaboration.

If we love our country we must do our part as a Malaysian people and support the idea of 1 Malaysia, and I believe the vision of  ‘Wawasan 2020’ will be achieve successfully. Thanks Malaysia, you are my lovely country.


One nation, One country 1 Malaysia. As a Malaysian of course I will support the idea purposed by our beloved prime minister Dato’ Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak. As a loyal citizen I will always be proud of what my Prime Minister do to our implement to our beloved country, Malaysia. Unity is the key to every success. In fact 1 Malaysia concept is the ‘pelengkap’ to others approaches to enhance the unity, to ensure stability, to achieves fullest developed country.

If I were to talk about my contributions of 1 Malaysia, first and foremost surely as apart time Universiti Utara Malaysia student, I always meet people of other races while attending classes and surely of course I respect the way of life as well believes, we hence, we respect each other and sharing everything provided by fee UUM administrations together including notes, classes, facilities etc.

The unity is portrayed when we celebrate each other festivals such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, respecting the other beliefs and blend in the uniqueness of each races, especially when the muslim ate fasting, we share ‘Bazar Ramadhan’. We respect the constitutional principle of federal-principal and ethic identities of each ethic group in Malaysia. So we sit, eat and discuss together in our respective group to complete the group work as assignment given by our lecturers.

Then my acceptance attitude of different races uniqueness so that I can live together in mutual respect as a people of one nation I Malaysia as a former worker of Land Development, I practice justice to all races who come to my office to seek any help or clarification regarding the deceased properties and their nominees and land title.

In other occurrence, whenever I have problems with my lovely car Iswara, people of different races stop their cars and want to lend their hand when their see my car breakdown by the roadside, so as me how I am so, proud to be a Malaysian with colourful way of life.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

About Me!

It occurred to me that I may be in need of this “About” page myself since I have undergone a life altering experience and just does fit me completely.

So here goes:

I am not fine…I am excellent! and getting better every single day. This state of mind has little to do with what’s going on around me and is much more dependent on what I carry around inside of me – which is JOY! From time to time I may hit a little slump or have a less than awesome day, but in general I am the eternal optimist. Just because I choose not to focus on them does not mean that I am not aware of bad things happening – I see them…but they will not define my day or even cast a lingering shadow on this grand adventure we call life.

I am the proud daughter, 'little sister' since im the youngest baby in the BIG family, an auntie for almost 50 nieces and nephews. Its a ONE HECK BIG FAMILY. This family, is my own little miracle and I plan to treat them accordingly. Family has turned my life on it’s ear (in a good way). And I’ve always said: if you’re going to bother doing something, do it properly! 
Values I would like to be 'a-must-thing-should-have' include:
  • How to respect and love yourself
  • How to respect and love other people for who they are not for what you want them to be
  • How to make life your grand adventure
  • How to get up when you do get knocked down occasionally
  • How to think for yourself
  • How to tell the difference between your own problems and that of other people and maintain healthy boundaries
  • How to not be afraid
  • How to always have fun no matter what

I am aware that there is really is no burning neeeeed for you to read my ramblings here, but if you feel like sharing this journey with us we’d love to have you along. See you soon.

Welcome...and all that Jazz

I'm starting this blog to be totally anonymous.

How weird is that? Anonymous but all over the internet. Call me crazy. The thing is I have some business blogs out there already and I find that I have to edit what I want to say so I don't have true freedom of speech :)

I think the difference is that this time around I won't post my full name or picture and I won't link to the other blogs.

My word but how I struggled to find a blogger name that wasn't already used. I went through almost all the words that describe me... and still nothing.

I almost went for all fancy names but didn't want to sound too upbeat because the truth is that it's not always rosy, is it?

Eventually I decided on kampungku because I really do love my kampung as metaphor of my writing and the name was available. Big plus!

Anyway, busy working on my 100 things list so will post that soon. See ya!